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Welcome to Time Bandits Lacrosse


Our last remaining tournament opportunity, The Invasion of Valhalla has officially been cancelled. After board discussion and much regret, we have decided to bring our summer season to a close. This finish is disappointing at the very least.

Player Refunds - They will come. 

  • We will process refunds, only accounting for our actual cost. 
  • Please grant us a couple of weeks to calculate actual cost, refund by player and process the refund. 

Thank you, Time Bandits, for a valiant effort! 


Time Bandits Lacrosse is a non-profit organization providing a quality lacrosse experience for those players seeking to elevate their game at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to serve the Greater North Puget Sound lacrosse community by providing players who are ready to take their skills to the next level with the quality coaching, exposure and playing experience they desire. Our teams are designed to be competitive and to develop players in a challenging yet fun environment. It is our hope that each player can carry their love of the sport with them and always strive to reach their highest potential, both on and off the field.


We are proud to be the most affordable select lacrosse program in our area. Please like us on Facebook at Time Bandits Lacrosse. This is a great place to find more information, share stories and pictures, and spread the good word about TBL.


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